Miniature Wildlife - Conceptual Sculpture

Miniature Wildlife - Conceptual Sculpture

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Caspian Horse

Equus ferus caballus 

The Caspian horse is one of the oldest horse breeds known in existence dating back to at least 3,000 BC originating from Northern Iran. King Darius the Great had a trilingual seal depicting a carving of Caspian horses pulling a chariot especially made in honour of the breed.

Grey Squirrel 

Sciurus carolinensis

The grey squirrel is native to North America. Among some Native American tribes they are admired for their courage and industrious food-gathering and are seen as honoured care takers of the forest.

Queen Bumblebee

Bombus terrestris

Hazel Dormouse 

Muscardinus avellanarius

It is believed that the Hazel Dormouse spends at least three quarters of its life sleeping. Author Lewis Carroll portrayed the sleepy nature of the dormouse in his book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Gray Wolf Pup

Canis lupus

Canadian Lynx

Lynx canadensis

The lynx is an animal that is said to truly represent the wilderness of Canada. Because of its solitary and elusive nature it is sometimes called “The shadow of the forest.”

Lion head Rabbit

Oryctolagus cuniculus

The Lionhead rabbit is one of the newest rabbit breeds originating in Belgium. Their history and is a bit of a mystery as no one is quite sure of its lineage that produced its trademark mane.

African Bush Baby


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