Miniature Wildlife - Conceptual Sculpture

Miniature Wildlife - Conceptual Sculpture


Barn Owls

Tyto alba

The barn owl is seen as one of Britain's most loved and charismatic of birds. In English Folklore it was also believed that the screech of a barn owl could predict the arrival of bad weather.

Eagle Owls

Bubo bubo

The Eurasian eagle owl has been used as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The Ainu of Northern Japan revered the Eagle owl as a divine ancestor or messenger.

Little Owl 

Athene noctua

In the times of ancient Greece the Little owl was a symbol associated with the Goddess Athena , also referred to as Athene (Minerva in ancient Rome). She is the goddess of wisdom, the arts, crafts, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare and mathematics.

Great Horned Owl

Bubo virginianus

Great horned owls are native to the Americas and it is the Provincal Bird of Alberta. Many warrior tribes of Native America admired this bird for its strength, courage and beauty.

Snowy Owl 

Bubo scandiacus

 One of the earliest drawings was of a family of Snowy Owls painted on the wall of a cave in France dating back 30, 000 years to the early Paleolithic period. In more recent times the snowy owl remains a much loved and enchanting figure in popular culture as Hedwig in Harry potter.

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