Miniature Wildlife - Conceptual Sculpture

Miniature Wildlife - Conceptual Sculpture

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Macaws are native to South America, Mexico where they are known for their amusing personalities and striking appearance. Some Pueblo tribes consider them as a symbol of fruitfulness and summertime.

Belizean Macaw Diorama

Ara macao cyanoptera

Scarlet Macaw

Ara macao

Grey Crowned Crane

Balearica regulorum

 The Great Crowned Crane originates from Uganda where the bird was adopted as their national symbol because of its peacefulness. They are regarded as birds of joy and relaxation in most parts of the country.

Lesser Bird of Paradise

Paradisaea minor


Azure - Winged Magpie

 Cyanopica cyanus

Unlike other crow species Azure- Winged magpies show human like generosity to one another. They live in parts of Western Europe and eastern Asia.

Eurasian Jay

Garrulus glandarius

Florida Scrub Jay

Aphelocoma coerulescens

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