Miniature Wildlife - Conceptual Sculpture

Miniature Wildlife - Conceptual Sculpture

The Raven

& the Book of Forgotten Lore

A miniature sculpture of a stately raven perched on an old and worn, book of mysteries. This piece is inspired by the narrative poem "The Raven" which was written by American horror writer Edgar Allan Poe and first published in 1845.

The Grimalkin

Grimalkins are known as a protector of witches and are described as being an old or fearsome looking cat. In Scotland some say that it is also known as a protector of the fae or faery folk and is therefore known as a faery cat that dwells in the moors and highlands.


Western Dragon Hatchling

According to legend Western dragons are described as having thick, powerful legs with talons of an eagle and a body armoured with impenetrable scales, a barbed, serpentine tail and bat like membranous wings. Their heads often have crests or horns. As with most legendary dragons they are fiercley protective of their hoardes of precious stones and jewels.


Traditionally Lupercus was known as the God of winter and has the ability to transform into a wolf.
It is said that his day falls between the 2nd and 15th of February, so he is associated with Valentines day, especially in the times of ancient Rome. Lupercus is sometimes identified with the Roman God Faunus and is a protector of flocks and shepherds who is said to drive away the wolves and dangers of the night.

The Happy Prince

An original sculpture based on Oscar Wilde's story of the Happy Prince that tells the story of a statue that befriends a swallow. With the little swallow acting as his messenger he helps the prince give away his gold leaf and precious stones.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a bird described throughout the ages as being associated with the sun. According to some texts the phoenix could live over 1,400 years and had the ability to arise from the ashes of its predecessor.


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