Miniature Wildlife - Conceptual Sculpture

Miniature Wildlife - Conceptual Sculpture



Proportion & Scale

Before sculpting,  my own scale drawings or photos are used as a reference. Then the subject is sculpted by hand to the intended scale whilst maintaining its realistic appearance throughout.


The sculptures on this website are made from polymer clay as a the base medium. Once the sculptures are cured they are finished using mixed media for the final effect.



1:12th scale barn owl drawing in Mechanical pencil and water colour

                                                                                                                1:12th scale barn owl

Fur Feather & Fiber

 Cruelty free wool roving, flock, plant fibers and naturally moulted feathers are adhered to the sculpture to re-create fur coats and feather plumage to a natural likeness. Eyes are made from semi precious polished stone and glass in colours that are a close match to real subject.

Flocking is a traditional technique where fiber is cut to a sawdust - like consistency and sprinkled onto an adhesive surface.   Where flocking is used, I build up the fiber particles gradually with a small brush instead of sprinkling the flocking directly onto the sculpture to control the finished effect.

Ground fiber

Ground fibers that are finer than flock are used for subtle finishes and in paint effects

Above photo: Miniature feathers to be used on a 1:12th scale little owl made from Mallard & goose   feathers and painted with fabric paints using a 2.0 pointed brush.

A Hummingbird made for a wedding bouquet:  Ground fiber  was applied to the face for a fine feather effect.

Feather & Paint effects

Not all colours that I use are commercially available so here I'm using custom paints for a 1: 12th scale mallard feather that is going to be used for a duck sculpture.

 In the photos of the demonstration below I have used a larger feather using the same custom colours so that the different painting stages can be seen up close 

Siamese cats sculptures : Sculpey a type of Polymer clay is the base medium of these unfinished peices.

Little owl in progress: Attaching feathers using precision tip tweezers.


Miniature feathers:  For bird sculptures











Pictured: Amallard feather with a 1:12th scale version

Year 2017




                                              Anya stone




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